Our Top 5 Blog Posts of 2021

Dec 31, 2021 10:43:44 AM By Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd
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17ADCEA8-FA97-40F4-9630-B1E395D2ACBD-3As the year winds down, we’re looking back at our most popular blog posts this year. If you’ve missed any of them, perhaps the end of 2021 will provide time to catch up!


We at Insulation Institute wish you all a healthy, safe, and happy new year!


Trading Off Thermal Resistance is A Very, Very Bad Idea – Building Scientist Dr. Allison Bailes opposes allowing R-20 spray foam in the underside of the roof deck in new homes built in the state of Georgia when R-38 is required and explains why trading off this thermal resistance is unwise.


A Hot New Home and Missing Insulation – Homeowner Evelyn Cagnetti bought a new Energy Star home in Arizona that was constantly hot. Turns out the second-floor ceiling had no insulation. It’s an avoidable problem. We explain how. 


The Crux of Better Building – Builder Ryan McCoon of Endura Performance Homes explains how training and a focus on framing details helps his company build tighter, more energy-efficient homes. 


New Guide: Fiberglass and IAQ – Homebuyers are more concerned than ever about indoor air quality. This new guide details why fiberglass is a good choice for indoor air quality. 


Deep Energy Retrofits Could Halve Emissions, Energy Use – New Research from the American Council for an Energy-Efficiency Economy show that deep home energy retrofits in existing homes could cut energy use and emissions.    


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