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New Release: Advanced Framing with Fiberglass & Mineral Wool

Lumber costs have skyrocketed in recent years. In addition, more stringent building energy efficiency requirements mean more builders are interested in advanced framing. The key to advanced framing success lies in the details for areas like corners, wall intersections, and around windows.

Aug 11, 2022 9:25:41 PM Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd

6 Fixes for an Energy Star Home Upgrade

This past Spring, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Program launched a new initiative, the ENERGY STAR Home Upgrade, targeting six high-impact energy efficiency improvements for existing homes to cut energy use and cost. These fixes will also improve home comfort and lead to a cleaner, healthier home.

Aug 5, 2022 9:03:21 AM Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd

New: Passive House Case Study

NAIMA has just released a new guide, Passive House Construction with Fiberglass and Mineral Wool Insulation. This new publication compares code-built, net zero, and passive house construction in terms of energy optimization, ultimately demonstrating that Passive House construction is the most rigorous in performance. It also presents a case study...

Aug 4, 2022 10:56:24 AM Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd

Home Building's Inflection Point

With much of the globe witnessing unprecedented heat waves and wildfires, the realities of climate change are undeniable. But how will this impact residential construction? How might builders consider the impacts of climate change on building resilience moving forward? This week we talked to NAIMA Canada Senior Technical Advisor Gary Sharp, a...

Jul 22, 2022 7:27:02 AM Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd

Selling Fast: Eco-Friendly, Resilient Homes

A recent report from Zillow, a leader in the real estate marketplace, shows that homes that highlight eco-friendly and resilient features sell up to 10 days faster than those without such features. Moreover, these homes that include features such as energy-efficient windows and solar panels continue to sell for more.

Jul 7, 2022 4:47:45 PM Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd

DOE: Clean Energy Job Growth Stronger in 2021

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) recently released the U.S. Energy Employment Report (USEER), an annual report that takes a comprehensive look at national and state-level employment data for the clean energy sector. DOE’s analysis found that the clean energy sector job growth increased by 4 percent in 2021 versus 2020 despite the impacts of the...

Jul 7, 2022 4:26:54 PM Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd

Top 10 States for HERS-Rated Homes

This week, the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) highlighted the top 10 states for Home Energy Ratings-scored (HERS) homes in 2021. Twenty-two percent of new construction homes are rated each year, and in 2021, HERS-rated homes totaled more than 313,000. This represents a four percent increase over the number of ratings in 2020 and...

Jun 24, 2022 7:15:59 AM Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd

New Release: The Benefits of Blown-In Fiberglass Insulation

Blown-in fiberglass (or loose fill) insulation is increasingly popular in new residential construction and in renovations, accounting for 19 percent of current insulation market share and growing[1]. More stringent energy codes, the ease of installation, as well as the safety and health profile of the product over other insulation types have all...

Jun 10, 2022 8:36:49 AM Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd

Administration Targets Building Codes in New Initiative

The Biden Administration on Wednesday announced a national initiative to advance building codes. The effort is designed to help state, local, Tribal, and territorial governments adopt the latest, current building codes and standards. Doing so, it says, will boost resilience to hurricanes, flooding, wildfires, and other extreme weather events,...

Jun 3, 2022 8:22:46 AM Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd

Energy Star 3.2 Cranks Up Envelope Efficiency

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently finalized the requirements for the latest version of its long-running ENERGY STAR Single Family New Home program. The National Version 3.2 puts the thermal envelope requirements of the 2021 International Energy Conservation code front and center. The new version now stipulates mandatory envelope...

May 27, 2022 8:06:27 AM Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd