Providence Homes on Selling Comfort

Oct 6, 2016 12:00:11 PM By Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd
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Sean_Junker_President_and_COO_Providence_Homes.jpgResearch shows that consumers want energy efficiency, but they’re motivated by comfort. As builders pursue energy efficient homes, they may need to shift how they promote the benefits of high performance homes to potential buyers, so that their messages resonate on an emotional level in an area that consumers really care about: comfort.

Sean Junker is President and Chief Operating Officer of Providence Homes Inc., a Florida-based builder constructing 200 homes annually. The company has built, tested, measured and certified more than 1,000 Energy Star homes since 2009 and is committed to continuous improvement of its high performing homes. While Providence recognizes that consumers value energy efficiency, it has re-evaluated its marketing materials to also emphasize home comfort.

 “In the past, we focused our consumer messaging heavily on the energy savings of our homes,” Junker said. “But lately we have been finding it helpful to also focus our marketing efforts on the fact that our homes are more comfortable and better for the environment.”

Providence Homes worked with Building Science Consultant Steve Easley on a systems approach to improve the energy performance of its homes, which typically average air change rates of less than 1.5 ACH per hour and HERS ratings below 54.

While those metrics are impressive, ultimately, consumers care most about comfort and builders should capitalize on the comfort factor.  Homeowner testimonials, especially videos, on the coziness of the homes you build can help convince customers that a more efficient home is also a more comfortable home.




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