Fiberglass & Mineral Wool: High Performance Priced Right

Feb 6, 2022 10:17:23 AM By Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd
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Fiberglass and Mineral Wool High Perf Priced Right-1-1No matter your building challenge, fiberglass and mineral wool will meet the job's demands. Fiberglass

and mineral wool insulation make up 72% of the insulation material in new homes for a reason.[1] Both products are highly cost-effective selections to meet desired labeled thermal performance.

Our new guide, Fiberglass & Mineral Wool – High Performance Priced Right,” considers the many benefits of fiberglass and mineral wool insulation, including acoustical performance, improved indoor air quality, and sustainability.

In addition, the guide compares the installed cost of fiberglass and mineral wool insulation products with the cost of closed-cell spray foam products of the same or similar R-value. The guide presents installed costs for material, labor, and equipment to builders and consumers, and cost per R-value. Each category is looked at as it applies to traditional and advanced framing, and ceiling insulation. The cost per Department of Energy reference home is also provided. Readers may be surprised by the level of savings that can be achieved by choosing fiberglass or mineral in these applications.

Builders have many choices regarding the products they choose for new home construction. Providing information that clearly outlines the benefits of products helps make an informed choice. Cost-effectiveness is just one consideration – it is rarely the sole deciding factor in selecting a product. This guide provides a holistic view of the product properties that are most often at the forefront when product options are assessed.

The guide can be used by specifiers, builders, home energy raters, as well as homeowners looking to understand which insulation product is right for them.

[1] Insulation Choices Revealed in New Study, Home Innovation Research Labs, June 2019.



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