ENERGY STAR’S “2015 Rule Your Attic” Campaign Promotes Insulation

This fall the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program will launch its second annual “Rule Your Attic” Campaign to increase homeowners’ awareness of the financial, comfort, and environmental benefits of adequately sealing and insulating their homes. Through this campaign Energy Star hopes that homeowners become knowledgeable of their home’s energy use and take corrective actions either themselves, or by working with a contractor, to increase their home’s insulation.

The “Rule Your Attic” campaign runs from Oct. 1 – Nov. 20 and includes three engagement sequences that will motivate homeowners with fun, easy ways to explore their attics all while learning about the benefits of air sealing and insulating. During these sequences homeowners will be prompted to share photos of their attics and ask questions. Energy Star will answer those questions and share tips geared toward helping homeowners solve their insulation issues. The campaign will wrap up with Energy Star providing information on how to tackle an attic insulation project or find a professional contractor to complete the job.

An integral part of the success of this campaign is the participation of contractors. Many homeowners will be considering options on how to prepare their homes for the fall and winter seasons during this campaign. While considering their options, they will look to professionals for help. Energy Star encourages contractors to participate in the campaign by using information in the contractor toolkit to engage with homeowners during the fall weatherization season. The Energy Star brand is positively viewed by many consumers and using these affiliated resources can help to build trust with potential customers.

The overall goal of the ENERGY STAR program is to encourage and aid businesses and individuals to save money while protecting our environment through superior energy efficiency. An essential element of the program is the partnerships that it maintains with consumers, small businesses, associations, manufactures, and builders. Through these partnerships, Energy Star has sold more than 4.8 billion products over the past 23 years and has labeled 1.5 million homes and 22,000 facilities as Energy Star certified.[1] These products and buildings use significantly less energy and are trusted by consumers.

Join the success by participating in Energy Star’s contractor focused webinar on Wednesday, October 7, 2015. Any contractors interested in participating can register for the webinar here.

Think your home might need more insulation, visit our page on recommended insulation levels to see where your home stands. 



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