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Today’s ever-changing building codes and requirements call for builders, architects, contractors, code officials and other building material professionals to have quick access to the facts that help them select the best insulation solution for their specific project.

Our mission at Insulation Institute™ is to continually provide the industry with the knowledge to make informed insulation choices.

Facts are what professionals tell us they need to make educated product decisions. Which is why throughout this site, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of performance facts and comparison data on fiberglass and mineral wool insulation versus other insulating materials.

This site is segmented into four essential categories: Performance, Productivity, Value Versatility and Responsibility. These platforms help demonstrate why fiberglass and mineral wool are the essential components to building a high-performance insulation system in the most progressive building designs, where energy efficiency and sustainability are the top priorities.

Insulation Institute also provides educational videos, product and performance literature, industry data, links to valuable resources and insights from a panel of industry experts who will contribute to the blog as well as future webinars, keeping you current on best insulation practices.

Our ongoing commitment is to deliver the most recent, accurate and useful information to help building professionals achieve the optimal performance of their homes and their business results.

So explore our website and see for yourself why fiberglass and mineral wool are Engineered to Outperform™ and are defining the future of building performance.




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