5 Podcasts for Builder Education On-The-Go

5 Podcasts for Builder Education On-the-Go

Podcasts.jpgTime is a precious commodity and no one wants to waste it. Managing the day-to-day obstacles that confront builders can make it difficult to keep abreast of the business-building ideas and developments in areas such as consumer trends, technological advancements and new construction practices. While the Internet may have made information more accessible, it can be difficult to synthesize the volume of it, especially given the pressing priorities that consume work hours. Podcasts, digital audio files that can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device, give busy builders and building industry professionals an opportunity to get free, quick learning on-the-go --  at any time of the day in 30 – 45 minutes. Here are five practical, informative and business-building podcasts of note:

The Building Performance

Owner Corbett Lunsford of The Building Performance Workshop offers advice to help builders and remodeler’s understand how buildings function and feel confident and prepared to start construction or renovation.  Available episodes focus on topics such as blower door testing, how to profit from home performance and how to prevent moisture buildup in homes.

The Art of Construction

Devon Tilly and Kevin Keefe of Denver-based Mountain View Window and Door deliver fresh, engaging content during their bi-weekly podcasts with guests including architects, contractors and consultants who cover a range of topics such as the fundamentals of building science, ensuring construction project success and developing a digital identity for your business.


ClonTechTrio offers the latest information on hardware, software, devices and apps and best practices on applying them on construction projects.

The Fine Homebuilding

This podcast from Fine Homebuilding Magazine focuses on quality craftsmanship and building performance in residential construction. Hosted by the magazine's editors, the podcast is an informal but vigorous show about the techniques and principles that allow listeners to master their design and building challenges.

How 2 Build Green: The Sustainability Podcast

This sustainable lifestyle podcast focuses on how to build and live in homes that are responsible to the planet. The podcasts provide specific how to information that can be integrated into home construction and design and practical guidance for builders and home buyers on sustainable lifestyles.

All of the podcasts above are available to download on your computer as well as through the Apple iTunes store. 

Here’s hoping the longer summer days afford you a bit more time to take advantage of these free educational and business-building resources. And if there are other building industry podcasts you enjoy, please let us know about your favorites.



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